Meet Gary Landrieu - Bio


Gary Landrieu is a life-long New Orleanian whose family has a legacy of a half-century of service to the people of New Orleans. Gary is President of Landrieu Construction Inc, Gary has two children, Daniella and William.

Gary opposes any new taxes and as Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District Representative will work to expand investment and economic opportunity in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District, to start, Gray Landrieu knows that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. That’s why he supports investing in the workers and infrastructure small businesses need to grow and hire.

Gary will work with his colleagues in Congress to find real solutions to our country challenge - The Medicare program, Affordable Health Care and Tax Cuts to Help America's Small Business Hire and Grow.

Gary knows that the underlying cause of violence and crime is a lack of economic opportunity in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District which leaves young people with little hope for the future and too often directs them into the culture of drugs, violence and crime.

Gary will work to bring investment and opportunity to Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District by Making immediate investments in infrastructure, modernizing our roads, railways and airports, putting hundreds of thousands of workers back on the job, and expanding the Port of New Orleans, and Baton Rouge making them more competitive with other ports on the gulf.

Gary will seek to improve the services that the taxpayers of Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District deserve by providing more funds for world-class law enforcement for our Parishes.  

Gary will work to re-establish the Ports of Baton Rouge and New Orleans as the pre-imminent gateway to North America through modernization and expansion of container vessel capabilities.  Gary Landrieu will work to expand economic opportunity for our oil and gas industry and chemical plants in our parish.


Employers: Landrieu Construction, Inc.

College: Tulane University - Class of 1980, New Orleans, Louisiana

High School: St. Paul's High School, Class of 1976, New Orleans, Louisiana