Family Values

Gary Landrieu believes that the family unit is the foundation of our nation. The Medicare program is about keeping promises to millions of seniors who have put in a lifetime of hard work. As your Congressman, my goal will be to strengthen Medicare and preserve the program for future generations that put in a lifetime of hard work.



Gary Landrieu believes in the importance of education, whether it is through the means of public, private, religious or home-schooling. Gary Landrieu supports the "No Child Left Behind" law. Including the Pledge of Allegiance and the showing of the American flag in school classrooms are both supported.


National Policy

Gary Landrieu supports the War on Terror and the presence of American troops overseas. Gary Landrieu supports spending cuts as a viable solution to maintaining the federal budget. Gary Landrieu support preserving Social Security and making health care accessible to citizens by providing an array of affordable options to individuals. As your Congressman, my goal will be to support this nation and families from terror attacks.



Gary Landrieu believes that law and order is one of the utmost responsibilities of government, in that it ensures the protection of life, liberty and freedom for society as a whole, by providing more funds for world-class law enforcement for our Parishes.


Economic Policy

Gary Landrieu believes that our government should put citizens in a position to attain jobs and currency. In times when the U.S. is suffering economically, Gary supports the reduction of government spending. Gary opposes any new taxes and as Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District Representative, Gary will work to expand investment and economic opportunity in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District, to start, Gray Landrieu as a small business man, knows that small businesses are the backbone of our economy. That’s why he supports investing in the workers and infrastructure small businesses need to grow and hire. .


Expanding the Baton Rouge and New Orleans Ports

Baton Rouge and New Orleans owes its very existence to its location at the mouth of the Mississippi River and its usefulness as a gateway port to the two thirds of the North American continent. As Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District Representative I will work to re-establish the Ports of Baton Rouge and New Orleans as the pre-imminent gateway to North America through modernization and expansion of container vessel capabilities. Today, the ports compete with other Gulf of Mexico ports and are often losing out to ports such as Houston due to its container capacity. Baton Rouge and New Orleans must upgrade the ports and bring new capacities which in turn will bring jobs, commerce and economic growth to our District. Gary Landrieu will work to expand economic opportunity for our oil and gas industry and chemical plants in our parish.

Elect Gary Landrieu, Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District

644 Papworth Street | Metairie, Louisiana 70005